Triads, Quads, & Discipleship

Triads, Quads, & Discipleship

What is a Triad or Quad and what is their purpose?

Triads & quads are groups of three to four men and/or three to four women.
They are of a limited duration, at most twelve months, and are designed to equip and encourage spiritual growth through practical application.
Although friendships developed in these groups are encouraged and welcomed, it is the intention of church leadership that we train “disciples” who can further their ministerial gifts through fellowship, bible study and becoming truly transparent and vulnerable in their relationship with Christ and other disciples.


When do we meet and for how long?

Triads & quads are encouraged to meet a minimum of once every two weeks or as frequent as once a week (if scheduling allows).
Triads & Quads are encouraged to meet for at least an hour.


Where do we meet?

Triads & quads can meet anywhere the members of the Triad/Quad agree. Some Triad/Quads meet at All Saints, others meet outside the church (i.e. someone’s home, restaurant, coffee shop, etc).


 What do we do when we meet?

There are four basic components Triads & Quads practice.
     •     Fellowship with each other; building relationships in getting to know one another
     •    Share what God is doing in their lives and showing them in their personal time in God’s Word
     •    Learn from Scripture and other Scriptural resources as a group
     •    Pray with and for one another’s concerns, needs, and praises.


How do I join a Triad or Quad?

To join a Triad or Quad, speak with a member of the church staff, church counsel, or one of the Triad/Quad Coaches.
You will be asked to fill out a Triad/Quad Member Profile (see end of this section) and be placed in a Triad or Quad by the Learning Leadership Team (LLT) made up of Mark Funderburk, the Triad/Quad coach for men, Libby Lindstrom, the Triad/Quad coach for women, John Viard and Beverly Byers, the President and President-Elect of the congregation, as well as the Pastor John and Kyle Jones, Director of Youth and Family Ministry.


The member profile is designed to help the Learning Leadership Team determine “best fit” for those who desire to be part of a triad or quad.